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About Accustrip

About Accustrip

Your specialist in coolant filtration

Who are we?

Accustrip is a family-owned manufacturer of filtration-, oil-separation-, and high-pressure plants, whose main customers are companies from the metal working industry. The company was founded by Steffen Nielsen in 1991 and is now run by his son Mikael Nielsen, who keeps the company’s tradition and its entrepreneurial spirit alive.

Accustrip’s history

  • 1991: Foundation. Products: Coating systems
  • 1998: Winner of the “European Better Environment Awards for Industry – Cleaner Technologies”
  • 2002: Mikael Nielsen (2nd generation of the family) takes up employment in the company.
  • 2002: Take-over of a company from the filtration sector.
  • 2002: New product development within filtration and oil separation.
  • 2003: Introduction of cleantech technology (1st generation of Accustrip’s central plants) to the metalworking industry
  • 2009: Strategic decision to specialize in cleantech technology.


Our core competences

Accustrip possesses strong competences within the areas of filtration, oil separation, and high-pressure plants. European patents, such as the one the company received for its unique cleaning technology in December 2009, demonstrate Accustrip’s leading engineering abilities within the field.


Our central plant systems

Accustrip’s crown jewel is the full flow system – a central plant that very efficiently cleans coolant emulsions from metal chips, dirt, as well as oils. It is revolutionary in the sense that it is the only one of its kind in the world and it outperforms any comparable, conventional system. The investment in an Accustrip full flow system quickly redeems itseld by productivity improvements, cost savings, environmental benefits, as well as health and safety betterments.


Today, Accustrip is among the technologically leading companies within the treatment of coolant emulsions worldwide. The reason for that is our revolutionary and patented full flow filtration technology, which allows for the effective separation of coolant even in the most turbulent fluids.

Here at Accustrip we strive after implementing the latest and most effective technologies into our solutions so that you can rely on your production to deliver day after day – without any downtimes.