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Fluid Filtration

Overview over our filtration products.


Full Flow Central Plant

Filter your entire CNC machine park’s coolant in one central system. Read more

Part Flow Central Plant

Continuously filter parts of the cooling liquid with our Part Flow Central Plant. Read more

Microfil 30

The Microfil 30 provides unproblematic coolant filtration for up to 6 working centres (CNC machines) and comes with an automatic, self-cleaning unit. Read more


Machine Connection

Connect your CNC machines to central plants with our Machine Connection. Read more

High Pressure Unit (HPU)

Increase the pumping capacity of your CNC machine with our High Pressure Units. Read more

Filter 139 – Self-Clean

Remove impurities from your individual CNC machine’s coolant with our fully automatic, self-cleaning particle filter Filter 139 Self-Clean. Read more


Filter 139 – Manual-Clean

Remove impurities from your individual CNC machine’s coolant with our highly effective Filter 139. Read more

Band Filter

Efficient particle filtration for your CNC machines with our Band Filter. Read more

Band Filtration Unit (BFU)

Our stationary band filtration unit. Read more


Magnetic Separator

Efficiently separate your coolant from metal particles with our powerful Magnetic Separator. Read more

Filter Cloth

Choose from a wide selection of filter cloths. Read more

Oil Separator

Experience Accustrip’s effective and patented oil separation technology with our Oil Separator. Read more



Keep your coolant chilled with one of our Chillers. Read more

Absorbing Products

Absorb all types of liquids with our wide selection of absorbing products. Read more