Full Flow Central Plant


Filter your CNC machine park’s coolant in one central system


Product description

Accustrip’s Full Flow Central Plant is connected to a number of CNC machines. This unique system ensures that all the liquid used by the machines is filtered instantly. The polluted liquid will be carried over a magnet separator. It will go through our unique patented oil separation system, which separates minimum 99 % of all tramp oil. The coolant/emulsion will pass through stainless steel filter candles, which will filter the coolant/emulsion with a fineness of 20 to 30 µm. The filter candles are self-cleaning by means of a timer controlled back flushing; a small amount of emulsion and compressed air is directed into the filter candles, which performs a non-contact cleaning of the stainless steel filter candles. The small amount of emulsion from the back-flushing process is directed back to the band filter.

Full Flow Central Plant

This process happens continuously on a fully automatic basis – hence the name FULL FLOW


  • Longer tool edge lives
  • Less machine wear
  • Filtering the entire liquid continuously – full flow – unlimited volume.
  • Increasing liquid (coolant and emulsion) life time
  • Reduced cleaning time – a much shorter time than that required for ordinary central systems
  • Much cleaner clean sump without sludge cake – which reduced the number of production stops
  • Reduced risk of bacteria.
  • No consumption materials
  • Filtering through self-cleaning stainless steel filter candles
  • Improved economy



  • Supply pump standby
  • Magnetic separator
  • Magnetic separator backup pump
  • Chiller
  • Chips management system
  • Machine connection

Full Flow Central Plant

An Accustrip Full Flow Central Plant is designed to separate 95% of all particles up to 30 μm (0,03 mm) and at least 99% of all leaked oil.


For further information about the Full Flow Central Plant, please contact us or your local dealer.