High Pressure Unit (HPU)

Optimize the coolant supply to your CNC machines with our versatile pump.


Product description

Our HPU Unit is giving you a lot of value for money.

Two processes in one device!
You get filtering and high pressure in one unit. Easy to implement in your existing line up, and with automatic cleaning and backup solution

Accustrip’s High Pressure Unit (HPU) is a device that includes everything required for an optimized coolant supply to your process line. It features a frame, where the pump, indicator filter, by-pass- & safety valve and control cabinet are installed.

Connect the coolant hoses, a power cable and the pressured air supply and you are up and running in no time. The unique construction makes it easy to integrate the HPU unit with both new and existing systems. The HPU unit can be delivered with an interface to the CNC machine, which allows you full control of the HPU from the CNC machine.



  • Widest product range in the industry.
  • Easy installation on a new or existing production line (Plug and Produce)
  • Designed for in-line or stand-alone operation
  • 8 different pre-programmed pressure set-points in one unit.
  • Pressure set-points controllable via M-code interface.
  • Flow-rate: 10 – 160 litres/min. ( flow up to 600 L/min )
  • Pressure range: 10 – 150 Bar standard.
  • Option: Frequency converter

Simple and efficient

The Accustrip HPU includes a standard PLC system to control the output pressure. The system lets the pump run at the same speed during operation and tuning or alteration of the pressure is controlled via a quick response valve installed in the by-pass line and a pressure transmitter installed in the main feeding line.

High pressure unit

For further information about the High Pressure Unit (HPU), please contact us or your local dealer.

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