Microfil 30


Unproblematic filtration for up to 6 working centres (CNC machines) with automatic, self-cleaning unit.

Product description

Microfil 30 is based on the same principles as an Accustrip Full Flow Central Plant. Fluids are filtered through stainless steel filter rods with a filtration fineness of 20-30 Micron. The filter rods are self-cleaning by means of a timer controlled back flushing; a small amount of emulsion and compressed air is directed into the filter rods, which performs a non-contact cleaning of the stainless steel filter rods. The small amount of emulsion from the back-flushing process is directed back to the chip conveyor in the CNC machine.

The stainless steel filters are scheduled to perform the back flush cleaning process approximately each 15th minute – depending on specific requirements. This process lasts approximately 20 seconds. During this time the flow will be reduced, since the system is running on fewer filters.

The system can be expanded with numerous components such as a high pressure pump up to 150 bar, return pumps with level sensor, an oil separator, an extended tank, a chiller, and much more.


  • 100 % Full flow filtration
  • Full automatic filtration system
  • Stainless steel unit incl, filter candle
  • Fine filtration 20 -30 μm
  • Guaranteed of filtering result
  • Effective back flushing of filter
  • No pressure drop in the system
  • Easy interface via harting plug

Microfil30 (connected to a CNC machine)
Microfil 30 Micron
Microfil30-M2-42 (with additional chiller unit)

Microfil30-M2-42 (with additional chiller unit)

For further information about the Microfil 30, please contact us or your local dealer.

Technical details

TypeNumber of filter modulesNumber of filter candlesFineness [µm]Max. Capacity [l/min]Connection of machinesClean tank capacity / Extended tank* [liter]