Oil Separator – ACCU BIG

Patented oil separation that just works.


Product description

Accustrip’s mobile oil separator ACCU BIG is designed for CNC-Machines, pre-treatment plants, and industry wash. By utilizing Accustrip’s patented oil separation technology, it is able to separate 99% of all free leak oils from the process liquid with a rate of up to 20 litre/min. (Through flow). It features a very gentle and careful separation, a selection of swimmer systems to meet any requirement; is made of stainless steel (AISI 304), and it can be installed without any use of tools.

The pump is made of a special alloy of bronze and the tank can contain approximately 80 litres of fluid.



  • Swimmersystem ACCU ML/4K
  • Swimmersystem ACCU MH/4K
  • Swimmersystem ACCU B/2K
  • Swimmersystem ACCU B/3K
  • Trolley for ACCU MINI
  • Wheels for ACCU BIG

Accu BIG
Accu Big

For more information about the ACCU BIG, please contact us or your local dealer.