Oil Separator – ACCU MINI

Patented oil separation that just works.


Product description

Accustrip’s mobile oil separator ACCU MINI is designed for CNC-Machines, pre-treatment plants, and industry wash. By utilizing Accustrip’s patented oil separation technology, it is able to separate 99% of all free leak oils from the process liquid in a rate of up to 6 litre/min. (Through flow). It features a very gentle and careful separation, a selection of swimmer systems to meet any requirement; it is made of stainless steel (AISI 304) and it can be installed without any use of tools.

Its pump is made of cast iron and the tank can contain approximately 20 litres of fluid.



  • Swimmersystem ACCU ML/4K
  • Swimmersystem ACCU MH/4K
  • Swimmersystem ACCU B/2K
  • Swimmersystem ACCU B/3K
  • Trolley for ACCU MINI
  • Wheels for ACCU BIG

Accu Mini
Accu Big

For more information about the Accu MINI, please contact us or your local dealer.