Part Flow Central Plant


Continuous central filtration of parts of the liquid.

Product description

Accustrip’s Part Flow Central Plant is an innovative solution that enables companies in the metal working industry to filter coolants, washing waters and other types of liquids from multiple CNC machines in one central system. It is particularly suitable for cleaning high volumes of liquids. The Part Flow Central Plant only filters a small amount typically less than 6-10% of the liquid each time it passes through the system and mixes it with the unpurified amount afterwards. It is a solution that allows for clear improvements in productivity and reductions in production cost. A joint feature of partial-flow and full-flow central systems is the fact that they are coupled to a number of machine tools. A pump station is placed at or next to the machine, which leads the polluted liquid to the central system via a pipe system.

The filtering of cooling/lubricating agent in a partial-flow system typically covers 6-10% of the total liquid volume in the sump of the machine tools.

The tramp oil, if any, is collected in a special patented oil separation system which separates minimum 99% of the oil before the liquid is led back to the reservoir and then pumped back to the CNC machines The process runs continuously.


  • Prolonging the edge life of the tools.
  • Less wear and tear of the machines.
  • Filtering the surface liquid continuously.
  • Always the same liquid level on processing machines.
  • Prolonging the life of the process liquids (coolant/emulsions).
  • Fewer production breaks


  • Supply pump standby
  • Magnetic separator
  • Magnetic separator backup pump
  • Chiller
  • Chips management system
  • Machine connection

Part Flow Central Plant
Part Flow Central Plant

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