Accu-Graphic Mini

Safe and environmentally friendly.


Product description

The streamlined Accu-Graphic Mini is designed with a high standard of operating safety, since the cleaning process is carried out in a closed room equipped with monitoring windows. This way, the operator is always able to monitor the cleaning process.

The material, which is used during the cleaning process, is the Accu-Graphic blowing medium, which is a sodium bicarbonate powder with a special formula. In contrast to most of the alternative cleaning methods within the printing industry, our system does not require any kind of chemicals. Besides being environmentally friendly, the Accu-Graphic Mini system reduces the cleaning time to a few minutes. Training on the manually operated system is simple and the user becomes familiar with the operation very quickly.


  • environmentally friendly cleaning process
  • high level of operating safety
  • gentle and effective cleaning

Simple installation

Accu-Graphic Mini requires no special installation. Most printing companies already have the necessary components that are required to run the system, such as a 220 volt electrical supply, running water, compressed air, and a connection to the public drainage system. The machine is available in standard dimensions for a length of maximum 1150 mm (incl. shaft extensions), and most of the material for the construction is stainless steel, which requires a minimum of maintenance. The fast cleaning process and minimum maintenance costs means that overall operating costs are as low as possible.


For further information about the Accu-Graphic Mini, please contact us or your local dealer.