Effortlessly cleans facades, cars, and boats.

Accu T-1800 and T-2000 are eco-friendly and easy to use mobile cleaning machines for the cleaning of various surfaces. With a large and varied field of application, they can clean far more than just paint from hard surfaces. Because of the low pressure and special blast media, the Accu T-1800 and T-2000 provide a gentle cleaning method, which is able purify sensitive surfaces, such as aluminum, fiberglass, plastic, glass, copper, and other materials – surfaces, which could not withstand harsher cleaning methods such as sandblasting, for instance. However, the system is also ideal for the purification of brick, granite, sandstone, polished surfaces, etc.


The major components of T-2000 Accu machine are made of electrically polished stainless steel. To ensure optimum performance and prevent unnecessary and expensive disruptions machine is equipped with a feed screws, pushing the blow medium through the system. A pop-up valve refills the tank automatically through the upper funnel every time the cleaning stops. All that is necessary in order to get our mobile cleaning machine going is compressed air, a blowing medium, and optionally water.

Graffiti removal


Gentle cleaning method

Suitable for the most sensitive surfaces

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