An effective way of separating metal chips from cooling liquid.

Accustrip’s Chip Centrifuge separates metal chips that occur during metal cutting processes from coolant in a fully-automatic process. The wet chips / sludge fall over the infeed hopper into the drum of the lifting bottom centrifuge. At this point the chips meet the rotating lifting bottom and are pressed against the drum wall under high centrifugal forces. The hydraulically activated lifting bottom moves the chips and/or the sludge upwards to the slot sieve where the liquids are separated from the chips. After a few lifting cycles the dried chips are carried over the edge of the drum and leaves the centrifuge and goes into the container or discharge conveyor. An automatic and incredibly effective chip separator solution. The centrifuged liquid can be returned to the production or pumped back for further treatment.

chip centrifuge

chip separator
chip separator

Continuous operation & long service life

Fully automatic and in continuous operation

Highly wear-resistant execution

Best possible degree of dryness

Compact design, self-cleaning & vibration-proof set-up

Easy to maintain & low maintenance costs

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