Your specialist in chips management & coolant filtration

Accustrip is the leading manufacturer of lean chips management and coolant filtration for CNC machines

Machine tools are expensive and should be treated as such

Avoid wearing down your cutting tools and extend the lifespan of your CNC machine(s) with Accustrip`s lean coolant filtration and chips management solutions.

A CNC machine tool is an exciting, highly complex device, capable of great speed and accuracy. But like a car with worn-out tires, it would be next to useless without prime cutting tools and clean coolant.

At Accustrip, we strive after implementing the latest and most effective technologies into our solutions so that you can rely on your production to deliver day after day – without any downtimes.

What is the point in having 0.001 seconds faster cycle time, if you have to change tools, clean up coolant, and remove chips from everywhere while the machine has downtime.

Investing in Accustrip is not only a fast return on investment but also changing the mindset and behavior of your production.

Why choose Accustrip?

Less machine wear

Longer tool edge lives

Increased productivity

Environmental friendly

Plug-and-play for all CNC machines

How it works

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