Coolant filtration


We at Accustrip have separated all our products into two different categories, Coolant Filtration and Chips Management. This is our Coolant Filtration page, where we are proud to offer a wide array of products tailored for efficient coolant management in CNC machinery. Our range includes fully automatic cleaning systems, diverse filter options like self-cleaning and manual filters, high-pressure units, and magnetic and oil separators. Additionally, we provide chillers, filter cloths, and absorbing products. Our full flow system is a standout, designed to enhance productivity and offer environmental advantages by effectively separating coolant emulsions from impurities. Also check out our Chips Management page.

Full flow central plant

Full flow central plant

Fully automatic cleaning and various materials sorting for an unlimited amount of CNC-working centers.

Part flow central plant

Part flow central plant

Continuously filter parts of the cooling liquid with our Part Flow Central Plant.

Machine Connection

Machine connection

Connect your CNC machines to central plants with our Machine Connection.

High Pressure and Filtration Unit

High pressure unit

Increase the pumping capacity of your CNC machine with our High Pressure Unit.

filter 139 self clean

Filter 139 Self-clean

Remove impurities from your CNC machine’s coolant with our self-cleaning particle filter.

Filter 139 Manual

Filter 139 Manuel

Remove impurities from your CNC machine’s coolant with our highly effective Filter 139.

Band Filter

Band filter

Efficient particle filtration for your CNC machines with our fully automatic Band Filter.


Band filter unit (BFU)

Band Filter Unit with outlets in 3 different directions and a supply pump.

Magnetic separator

Magnetic separator

Efficiently separate your coolant from metal particles with our powerful Magnetic Separator

Oil separator

Oil separator

Experience Accustrip’s patented oil separation technology with an efficiency of 99 %



Keep your coolant in perfect balanced measurements temperature with our Chiller.

Filter Cloth

Filter cloth

Our wide selection of filter cloths ranges from heavy-duty nonwoven to lightweight single layer nonwoven.

Absorbing products

Absorbing products

Separate several types of liquid with our wide selection of absorbing products.

We offer a variety of products for efficient coolant management in industrial settings. The Full Flow Central Plant and Part Flow Central Plant are central solutions for separating coolant emulsions from impurities, ensuring clean coolant flow and enhanced productivity. The Machine Connection integrates CNC machines with filtration systems for optimal performance. High Pressure Units provide powerful coolant delivery, essential for efficient machining. Filter 139 systems, both Self-Clean and Manual, offer robust filtration solutions. Band Filters and Band Filter Units ensure continuous and efficient particulate removal. Magnetic Separators and Chillers maintain coolant purity and temperature, while Filter Cloth aids in separating particles from coolants. Our Coolant Filtration products are designed to work efficiently with CNC machines. They focus on filtering and purifying coolants used in CNC machining, ensuring the longevity and performance of the machinery. These products help in maintaining the quality of coolants, leading to a more efficient machining process and better end-product quality.

The Crown jewel of Accustrip

Our flagship product

Accustrip’s crown jewel is the full flow system – a central plant that allows for effective separation of coolant emulsions from metal chips, dirt as well as oils. It is revolutionary in the sense that it is the only one of its kind in the world. Furthermore, it outperforms any comparable, conventional system in terms of increased productivity, cost savings, environmental as well as health and safety benefits.