Accustrip is among the technologically leading companies within the treatment of coolant emulsions worldwide. Our revolutionary and patented full-flow filtration technology ensures effective separation of coolant even in the most turbulent fluids.


Accustrip is one of the leading manufacturers of filtration, oil separation, and high-pressure plants for CNC machines. Our clients mainly include the metalworking industry. The family-owned business was founded by Steffen Nielsen in 1991 and is now run by his son Mikael Nielsen, who keeps the company’s tradition alive. Accustrip is located in Svendborg, Denmark, where both assembly and quality control are performed. 

Effective separation of coolant
Effective separation of coolant

Core competences

Accustrip possesses strong competences within the areas of filtration, oil separation, and high-pressure plants. In 2009, we received the European patent for our unique cleaning technology. Thus, demonstrating Accustrip’s leading engineering abilities within the field. Our philosophy is to see the customers’ potential as a whole, and from that perspective, work as a co-partner to improve logistics, and lean factors in the production facility and ensure maximum return on investment.

Main product

Accustrip’s crown jewel is the full flow system – a central plant that allows for effective separation of coolant emulsions from metal chips, dirt as well as oils. It is revolutionary in the sense that it is the only one of its kind in the world. Furthermore, it outperforms any comparable, conventional system in terms of increased productivity, cost savings, environmental as well as health and safety benefits.

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