– Your Partner in Advanced Coolant Filtration and Chip Handling Solutions

Jan 8, 2024

Our Focus

At Accustrip, the focus on coolant filtration systems and chips management is evident through our array of specialized products, designed to enhance the efficiency and safety of CNC machine operations. Our flagship Full Flow Central Plant is a revolutionary system, unique in its capability to automatically clean and sort various materials for an unlimited number of CNC centers. Complementing this, the Part Flow Central Plant focuses on continuously filtering parts of the cooling liquid. We also provide a Machine Connection feature for integrating CNC machines with central plants and a High Pressure Unit to boost pumping capacity.

Coolant Filtration Systems

For filtration needs, Accustrip offers several solutions: the self-cleaning Filter 139 Self-clean, the manual Filter 139, the efficient Band Filter, and the versatile Band Filter Unit with multi-directional outlets. Metal particles in coolant are efficiently separated using the Magnetic Separator, and the patented Oil Separator boasts a 99% efficiency rate. Temperature control is managed by the Chiller, maintaining the perfect balance for coolants.

Additionally, Accustrip provides a variety of Filter Cloths, ranging from heavy-duty to lightweight options, and an array of Absorbing Products to separate different types of liquids. These products significantly contribute to less machine wear, increased productivity, and longer tool edge lives. They are environmentally friendly and designed for easy integration with all CNC machines. The entire range emphasizes increased productivity, cost savings, and significant environmental, health, and safety benefits, marking our commitment to innovative and efficient coolant filtration solutions. With strong competences in filtration, oil separation, and high-pressure plants, Accustrip demonstrates its engineering prowess, backed by its European patent for unique cleaning technology. As a family-owned business, Accustrip, founded in 1991 and located in Svendborg, Denmark, is dedicated to improving logistics and production efficiency, ensuring maximum return on investment for its clients in the metalworking industry.

Chips Management

At Accustrip, we are dedicated to providing tailored chips management solutions for a range of production needs, including cast iron, aluminum, steel, titanium, and more. Our Chips Evacuation System efficiently separates and refurbishes coolant and chips. The Briquetting Machine is crucial in maximizing scrap value by separating coolant from shavings. The Chip Centrifuge and Chip Shredder further refine the process, separating metal chips from coolant and reducing chip size, which leads to increased efficiency and reduced logistics. Our crown jewel, the Full Flow System, is a bespoke central filtration system designed to meet specific requirements. It effectively separates coolant emulsions from metal chips, dirt, and oils, thereby increasing productivity, reducing costs, and delivering substantial environmental, health, and safety advantages. This comprehensive approach underlines our commitment to innovative, efficient, and environmentally responsible chips management solutions.

CNC machine integration

Accustrip’s innovative products are specifically designed to function seamlessly with CNC machines, capitalizing on their state-of-the-art, patented full-flow filtration technology. This advanced technology is adept at efficiently separating coolant in even the most challenging, turbulent fluid conditions, which is crucial in high-precision CNC machining. Committed to delivering high-quality and reliable solutions, Accustrip offers customized systems that cater to the unique demands of CNC machine operations. Their team of expert engineers and technical specialists continuously work on improving these products, ensuring they not only meet but exceed performance expectations and customer satisfaction.

By integrating Accustrip’s solutions, CNC machine operators gain the advantage of enhanced operational efficiency, minimized waste, and a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. These benefits are crucial in modern manufacturing environments where precision, reliability, and eco-friendly practices are paramount. Partnering with Accustrip means embracing excellence, innovation, and sustainability in coolant emulsion treatment, ultimately leading to optimized CNC machine performance, and contributing positively to the broader industry.