Filtration for up to 6 CNC machines with automatic, self-cleaning unit

Microfil 30 is based on the same principles as an Accustrip Full Flow Central Plant. Fluids are filtered through stainless steel filter rods with a filtration fineness of 20-30 Micron.



Separate at least 99 % of all leaked oil


Back flush cleaning every 15 minutes


Back flush cleaning lasts only 20 seconds


Filtration with a fineness up to 30 µm

Microfil 30

The filter rods are self-cleaning by means of a timer controlled back flushing; a small amount of emulsion and compressed air is directed into the filter rods, which performs a non-contact cleaning of the stainless steel filter rods. The small amount of emulsion from the back-flushing process is directed back to the chip conveyor in the CNC machine.

  • Full automatic filtration system
  • Effective back flushing of filter
  • No pressure drop in the system
  • Easy interface via harting plug
  • Stainless steel unit incl, filter candle

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