Stationary band filtration unit.

The new version of our proven Band Filter received the name BFU (Band Filtration Unit). The new BFU comprises a standard tank, a Band Filter with outlets in 3 different directions (270°, depending on the model), and a supply pump. Since space is always the limiting factor in many production sites, the need for a compact plant with full flexibility arose. The BFU is constructed of stainless steel and can be expanded with up to 15 additional, optional modules (e.g. magnetic separator, chiller, oil separator, bigger tank, machine connection, holiday guard, and many more).

band filter unit (bfu)


Simpel and sturdy construction

Designed as stand-alone version for one CNC-machine

100 % utilization of the filter cloth

Lots of flexibility with many options

Can hold filter cloth with roll Ø 510 mm.

Fully automatic operation (alarm for missing filter cloth)

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