Increase the value of your swarf with our Briquetting machine.

Accustrip’s briquetting machines are developed to compress metal chips that occur during the metal cutting process. They can handle different types of materials and are available in versions with various pressure forces. The machines are space-saving and easy to install. The capacity of the briquetting press is material dependent. While the chips are pressed, the integrated pump is able to separate the coolant and pump it back to the processing machines or to a central plant. Various accessories are available as options.

briquetting machine

Compact, small plant with lower cost on disposing

Higher price for briquettes compared to chips

Part of total chip handling plant or stand-alone model

Briquettes almost free from coolant

Briquettes size: between 60 x 40 mm and 80 x 80 mm.

Briquettes length: between 30 and 90 mm

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