Filter 139 Self Clean

A highly effective, self-cleaning particle filter for various liquids

Filter 139 Self-Clean is an automatic self-cleaning filter used to filter impurities from CNC machines, washing machines and other application where manual cleaning is not technically possible or economically viable. Filter 139 Self-Clean is built on the same filtering principles as Accustrips full flow systems that filter the liquid through smooth cylindrical filter candles allowing good filtration rate between 20 – 30 microns depending on the type of filter candles used.

filter 139 self clean
filter 139 self clean filter candles

Filter 139 Self Clean

Filter 139 Self-Clean is fitted with a timer, which with appropriate intervals starts a self-cleaning cycle via back flushing; a small amount of liquid together with compressed air is being passed through the filter candles. The small amount of return flush may be passed back to the machine or as an option to a bag filter, which can be provided to get the particles out of the liquid. Filter 139 Self-Clean is delivered as a compact unit with integrated control panel, air tank and automatic valves ready to ”plug and produce”.

  • 2 in 1 HPU unit – Filtering and High Pressures
  • High pressure for any tool in your M-library
  • Plug and Produce for any CNC machine
  • Self-cleaning filters which filters all materials
  • Flow-rate: 10 – 160 litres/min. (flow up to 600 L/min )

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