Efficiently separate your coolant from metal particles.

Accustrip has developed a series of magnetic separators preferably for the separation of magnetic particles in the coolant emulsions used in the metal-working industry. Magnetic separators are mounted on either our central plants or individual machines, when these are used in a production where magnetic materials are processed and required to be separated. The location and number of magnets on the roller is carefully calculated. The accompanying inlet, which distributes the particle-containing liquid over the roller and secures a constant flow of the coolant, allows Accustrip to offer a series of powerful and highly efficient magnetic separators.

magnetic separator

Continuous full flow magnet separation

Separates magnetic particles – no matter which size

Available as left (L) or as right (R) model

Low operational cost – no consumables

Simple connection – ”Plug and Play”

One of the strongest on the market

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