Chips Evacuation

Filter your CNC machine park’s coolant in one central system

Accustrip’s Full Flow Central Plant is connected to a number of CNC machines. This unique system ensures that Nall the liquid used by the machines is filtered instantly.

Chips Evacuation



Separate a minimum 99 % of all leaked tramp oils 


Fill the facility up with only 12.000 to 15.000 liters of emulsion


Change the emulsion every 2-3 years of production


Filter the coolant with a fineness of 20 to 30 µm

Chips Evacuation management

Chips Evacuation

The polluted liquid will be carried over a magnet separator. It will go through our unique patented oil separation system, where after the coolant/emulsion will pass through stainless steel filter candles. The Full Flow Central Plant ensures effortless fluid handling –  enhancing your CNC machine park.

This process happens continuously on a fully automatic basis – hence the name FULL FLOW.

  • Less machine wear & longer tool edge lives
  • Filtering the entire liquid continuously
  • Increasing liquid (coolant and emulsion) life time
  • No sludge cake: reduces the number of production stops
  • Reduced risk of bacteria & no consumption materials
  • Improved economy & environment

Cost-saving, environmentally friendly, and less maintenance

Imagine that you only need to purchase 12.000 to 15.000 liters of emulsion the first time the central facility is filled up, and again when the emulsion is changed after 2-3 years of production. The smaller volume means less cost for maintenance and ser-vice as well as lower consumption of filter materials. At the same time, all risks for bacterial and fungal growth in the emulsion is minimized, and energy consump-tion for the transport and cooling of the emulsion is reduced.

Another beneficial side-effect of using an Accustrip Full Flow Central Plant is the reduced impact on the environment. An Accustrip Central Facility contains almost no moving parts and the intelligent control constantly monitors the operation of the plant. This makes service and maintenance almost superfluous and allows for a efficient and flexible production

Filtration solutions that meet your require-ments

Whether your production is processing cast iron, aluminum, steel, titanium, etc., then Accustrip develops and deliver a central filtration system that is tailor-made to suit your needs. Our plants are modular in nature and can therefore be supplied with a variety of options, such as a magnetic separator, a cooling unit and automatic liquid filling, as well as additional pumps (either as security or to increase the capacity of the plant). All central plants are made of stainless steel (AISI 304) and are composed of standard components, which allow for easy maintenance and expansion of the plant.

The filter candles are self-cleaning by means of a timer controlled back-flush; a small amount of emulsion and compressed air is directed into the filter candles, which performs a non-contact cleaning of the stainless steel filter candles. The small amount of emulsion from the back-flushing process is directed back to the band filter.

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